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Index of /chaos_calmer/15.05.1/ - OpenWrt Index of / chaos_calmer / 15.05.1 / . File Name File Size Date; adm5120/: Sun Dec 10 22:13:06 2017: adm8668/: Sun Dec 10 22:13:06 2017 OpenWrt – Gateworks Feb 13, 2020 OpenWRT code-execution bug puts millions of devices at OpenWRT users should install either version 18.06.7 or 19.07.1, and ensure the updates are served from an HTTPS connection. Contradicting Vranken's claim that these updates are only a stopgap openwrt:diy [ PIRATEBOX ]

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What Is OpenWrt And Why Should I Use It For My Router?

OpenWrt OpenWrt is a Linux based distribution for embedded systems, with a strong integration of network components. OpenWrt is currently being used in industrial mobile and landline phones, control systems, small robots, sensor networks, home control solutions, VoIP systems, both wired and wireless networks and a whole lot more. OpenWrt Router: Came installed with OpenWrt Chaos Calmer 15.05 unknown / LuCI branch (git-16.146.70274-cfd3bb1) LuCI menu was initially in Chinese and was easy to change to English. To save you the google translate time, here is what I did: Log in UN: root PW: admin Go to second menu from left, first sub-menu. On that page go to the third tab from left.