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Jan 23, 2017 · Microsoft Windows 8 users who updated their system to Windows 8.1 have complained that they are not able to use OpenVPN client on Windows 8.1 or or even to configure VPN connection on Windows 8.1 manually. The reason behind this problem is that when you update to Windows 8.1 all TAP-drivers are removed. Try disabling it (or even better, uninstalling it) and test if the issue persists then. If that doesn't help, try changing the DNS servers you are using when connected to the VPN. To do so, simply: Navigate to the Settings (cog icon) of the NordVPN application. Click Advanced. Enable Custom DNS settings. Click Set DNS server address, enter Re: Windows 8.1 client VPN not working Any new software installed or updated on the machine (perhaps use the Windows Reliability Monitor to check). 0 Kudos

If you’re struggling to connect, the issue could be the VPN’s protocol. A protocol is essentially a network that is used to exchange data – the most common example of this is HTTP, which you’ll be

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Windows 8 and IPSec VPN issues I have a number of customers that leverage the Cisco IPSec VPN. I can connect to the VPN without any problems but when I attempt to RDP, that fails. I have no RDP or ping or anything. Here are some more symptoms of the issues that I find odd: Windows 8.1 and VPN Issues - Spiceworks