Protecting Your Social Privacy | U-M Social Media To view all the apps you have previously approved, access the “privacy settings and tools” panel and select “apps.” As many of us will see when allowing third-party apps access, the app is requesting our information and our friends list. Facebook does allow settings for third-party application access as well. How to protect your privacy on Instagram - The Verge Feb 27, 2020 Twitter takes away twits' ability to limit ad data sharing

Mar 25, 2020

Apr 25, 2018 · Facebook has received lots of media coverage about privacy and account settings, but what about Twitter? Turns out that it has a lot of data about you too. Here's how to see - and change - your Twitter privacy preferences to match your desire for privacy

How to protect your privacy on Instagram - The Verge

Apr 29, 2019 Twitter Parental Controls | Internet Matters Twitter Safety . Controls & Settings guide. Twitter privacy and safety features can help protect your child from receiving abusive content and reporting incidence of online bullying or inappropriate content. It also gives them control over who can contact them and what personal data they share.