Apr 09, 2019

Jul 07, 2016 How do you sync firefox addon/extension preferences What is the format for declaring that an addon's preferences should sync across firefox installations? I see a short description that you should create services.sync.prefs.sync.extension.frobnaz.fo SeaMonkey Sync

For Firefox a user must have Add-ons checked under the "Sync Settings" options in "about:preferences". Note that the implementation of storage.sync in Firefox relies on the Add-on ID. If you use storage.sync, you must set an ID for your extension using the browser_specific_settings manifest.json key.

CloudServices/Sync - MozillaWiki Firefox Sync is a set of software components and specifications that synchronize data between multiple Mozilla product instances. The software is open source and the specifications are all public. This means that others are free to implement components or run the software on their own. Sync | Mozilla Services Firefox Sync offers best-in-class security and privacy: Mozilla’s servers never see your raw password, and all of your Sync data is encrypted locally, before it leaves your computer. However, some users want to go one step further and host all … Continue reading.

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9 Ways to Sync Firefox and Chrome: Bookmarks, Passwords Use a Common Password Manager. Many popular password managers come with a Chrome … How to sync Firefox containers across devices - TechRepublic Mar 27, 2020