Free email services do cap the number of email messages you can send out per day. This is to cut down on spam messages sent with their services. The cap is generally around 100 messages per day, which is sufficient for keeping in touch with family or other personal email uses.

Tutanota is one of the safest email Provider out there. It boasts of being the safest email service out there on its website. It has entered our list of most secured email service providers due to its security features and easy to use design. It is the most secure free email available for sure. Who does not support SMTP TLS for Secure Inbound Email Nov 07, 2013 22 Best Free Email Service Providers - BriskBard

Feb 09, 2011

Email providers suppress conservative news - The Horn News Sep 01, 2016

Aug 28, 2013

Aug 25, 2017 What Are the World’s Most Secure Email Providers in 2020 I t’s common for most users to have a few free email addresses registered at Gmail or Yahoo dating back several years - satisfied with its features and functionality.. To many users, a less-protected email provider is harmless, because they feel like they have nothing to hide. And the likelihood of someone looking into their email is considered to be negligible by many.