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Replies to: How to take tests faster? #1. kagami6918 564 replies 29 threads Member. December 2011. Well, there's that trick everyone knows, in which you do all the easy questions first, and if you get to a question that you know is going to take a while, mark and skip it, and then go back to it later. Lesson 10: How to Take Tests TAKING TESTS. I had a college friend in the 1960's who was a master test-taker. He would score 99 on any machine-graded exam that he took. But he was not that good a student. I asked him once what he wanted to do after he finished school. I shall never forget his reply: "I'm looking for a job that will pay me to take exams." That made sense! Why some covid-19 tests in the US take more than a week Apr 05, 2020

Aug 02, 2019

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May 27, 2018

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