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Apr 07, 2020 · After the successful setup of your router, now you have to set up or configure the modem. Here are the following steps that will be helpful for you to perform the entire operation with ease. Place the modem or the gateway near the router and connect it. May 15, 2017 · Add your router’s MAC address and click on SAVE so that it is recognized that your router is recognized by your ISP to use the internet. Check for your router’s IP address which should be found at the label or attached documents, enter that IP address into an opened web browser’s address bar and your browser will help to connect you. 1. Access your wireless router. This is where you need to start. If you have the setup disc for your router, use it to access your router. In case the disc is not available, you can access the router remotely over the internet. Enter the router access URL into your web browser. The most common URLs are,, and Jul 08, 2016 · Keep your router's firmware up to date. Some routers allow checking for firmware updates directly from the interface while others even have an automatic update feature. For instructions for your specific AT&T modem, refer to How to set up home networking and enable bridge mode. Turn the power to your computer and DSL modem OFF, and disconnect the Ethernet cable from your computer. Connect the Ethernet port of your DSL modem to the WAN or Internet port on your router using an Ethernet cable.

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How to Set Up a TP-Link Router - Your router must be connected to a modem in order to provide the local network with an Internet connection. Acquire an Ethernet cable. Take one end of the cable and plug it into the Internet (or WAN) port on the rear of your router.The port may be blue or grey.

So, you finally got a new router for your online gaming. Great! That’s just the first step. Getting the router up and running is another thing. It takes some technical know-how, but anyone can do it. Here is a simplified guide on how to set up your wireless router for optimal online gaming.

5 router settings you must change to protect your network The IP address is a set of numbers, and the default depends on your router’s manufacturer. The common ones are, or If you don’t know your router’s IP How to set up a wireless router | PCWorld Jun 15, 2017