These safe cloaks fit the Amsec 6024, 6030, 6636, 7240, 7250 size safes or any safe 60×24, 60×30, 66×36, 72×40, 72×50 sized safe or gun safe. Safe cloaks and safe covers are an obvious choice in a garage safe application, as the safe cloak makes the safe (at quick glance) appear to be just another garage cabinet while the safe cover

The Weapon Cloak uses Corrosion Inhibiting Skin (CIS) technology. Once sealed, the CIS vapor from the Weapon Cloak emits and adheres to the metal parts of the weapon. This provides a molecular "skin" that prevents corrosion. The Weapon Cloak shelf life is 24 months. The Hand Gun Cloak … Elven Cloak | Pixel Gun Wiki | Fandom The Elven Cloak is a royale glider that can be used in Battle Royale and Glider Rush.. Description . It is used to aesthetically customize the glider or the landing device in Battle Royale. Appearance . It appears to be a green cloak with a yellow edge and a yellow tree symbol on it. Cloak & Daggers | Deus Ex Wiki | Fandom

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